Orlando Mason

Front-end developer

As the tech-savvy side of the equation, I write the code that conjures the magic on your screen. I love solving puzzles and dealing with the nitty gritty!

Orlando and Felix

Felix Mason

Graphic Designer

It’s my job to look at the whole picture, from the minute detail all the way to the overall user experience. It’s not only my job to make sure everything looks right, but also to ensure that it’s coherent and speaks to the right audience.

Having worked separately on websites in the past, in 2021 we decided to join forces to deliver custom web solutions to small & medium enterprises. As brothers with complimentary skills and characters, our capability has become greater than the sum of its parts.

Have you just got started with a new business that needs a brand identity and a website too?

Perfect, that’s our favourite sort of project.

If you only need a part of that done, we are more than happy to work on that too.

Check out our work:

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