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Tradecard website

Les Caves GV

Les Caves GV website

Trees of Music

Trees of Music website

Family History Finder

Consh Tiny House website


Tortus website

Plunder Lands

Consh Tiny House website

Consh Tiny House

Consh Tiny House website

Who we are

Masonsquared is a partnership between two brothers to build websites and brands for small to medium companies and start-ups. Our combined skillsets provide a comprehensive service over the project's lifecycle. Our small size promotes a strong vision and nimble organisation.

Orlando Mason

Orlando Mason

As the tech-savvy side of the equation, I write the code that conjures the magic on your screen. I'm a fan of figuring out complex problems and relish in the details that bring your website to the next level.

Felix Mason

Felix Mason

I'm a graphic designer with experience in both digital and print spheres and most of my work currently centres on web and UI design. I work closely with my brother and business partner, who is a front-end developer.

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