Discover your Family History

Your ancestral journey is waiting to be revealed.

In the UK and across the Anglosphere we have a wealth of very reliable information waiting to be revealed in the form of documents, photographs, articles. The past does not have to be left forgotten. Get a personal tailored approach to finding out you family’s history with Phil Quinn, an experienced genealogist.

My Process


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Search your roots
from the present day
leading back to the 1830s

from £450


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A basic search and beyond. I will trace your roots back into the 1700s (as long as those records exist)

from £750


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Just need a specific part of your ancestry revealed? I can tailor a search to suit your exact needs.

from £200

All above options include a brief written report with evidenced findings and a professionally designed family tree (all supplied digitally).

Get Printed Results


Get a printed
report with relevant
family tree attached.

£50 approx.

Family Tree

Printed on
120gsm matt poster paper – perfect for displaying.

£50 approx.

Booklet &
Family Tree

Get both the
booklet and family tree
sent to you.

£70 approx.

Delivered by Royal Mail - 1st class signed for

My Promise


I will produce reliable and fully-sourced information.


I will share with you how I’ve found the information.


The past is far more colourful than its black & white photographs!


Phil Quinn

Self-confessed history buff and stickler for detail. After 45 years of having relatively little interest in my ancestry I suddenly had a strange and insatiable urge to find out who they were: and what an amazing voyage of discovery ensued! Our ancestry is a vast world brimming with secrets and long-forgotten stories. Uncover you family’s mysteries too!

Whys & Hows

If you’d like to read further and get a better understanding of the process and how it works please click on the link below.

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